Methods and tools

When applying state-of-the-art economic methods, E.CA places great importance on clarity of thought and exposition and we make sure that all our presentations are directed at the target audience. In particular, we help our clients in these ways:

When supporting clients directly, we carry out or assess potential competition concerns, provision of analytical input, review of draft submissions, preparation of and assistance in meetings with the antitrust authorities.

We prepare independent economic reports and analyses: based on empirical evidence we provide a thorough and robust analysis of competition issues and regulatory matters. We may also present results as an expert witness.

We complement economic arguments with empirical analysis, checking assumptions and both identifying and quantifying the effects. It is our belief that there is no single perfect empirical approach but that a multiplicity of approaches produces robustness. We have extensive experience in the practical implementation of quantitative methods and are able to assess which of the techniques in our empirical tool box best fits the requirements of the case.