State aid

E.CA staff have contributed widely to the conceptual discussions on the use of economic methods in State aid control. In addition we have advised many governments and companies on the identification and assessment of State aid:

  • Our staff have worked for the European Commission and various national governments like the German or Greek ones and for numerous aid recipients including Deutsche Post, Deutsche Bahn, an airline manufacturer and an international airport.
  • Hans W. Friederiszick and Rainer Nitsche have published widely on State aid matters including policy shaping guidelines like the State Aid Action Plan or the R&D&I Guidelines
  • We employ a variety of tools in State aid cases.

E.CA staff have worked on State aid cases and policy development. Their work includes:

German Landesbanken, French Alstom, Greek OTE, Bavarian pipeline, terrestrial TV/digital switch-over, Mobilcom, Centocor, Investbx. These and other cases have covered regional, restructuring, training, R & D, Multisectoral Framework and risk capital aid.

For a detailed overview, visit our detailed project list.