Mergers - Case 27

A-Tec/Lentjes: competitive assessment of the acquisition of the waste incineration plant manufacturer Lentjes by A-Tec in a Phase II investigation by the European Commission - Bidding study analysing the frequencies of conditional participation and bids

Merger between A-Tec and Lentjes, two suppliers of waste incineration plants. The market for waste incineration plants is characterised by customers tendering their projects. In order to assess the competitive effects of the merger, we conducted a bidding market study analysing (1) the frequency of participation and winning bids of the parties and (2) the frequency of participation overlap conditional on the presence of various other competitors. The bidding study showed that the merging companies were not particularly close competitors and that post-merger a significant number of competitors would remain in the market. The merger was unconditionally cleared in Phase II.