E.CA staff have worked on many high profile merger cases:


  • Working as or for regulators: Our staff have worked with the European Commission on landmark cases like GE/ Honeywell. E.CA staff regularly act as expert witnesses for national competition authorities. We have worked for or with the UK, German and Dutch competition authorities.
  • Submitting robust and sophisticated economic analysis: We believe making a simple and robust case on behalf of our clients is most effective. If necessary, we are capable of employing sophisticated tools combining empirical analysis with conceptual arguments.

Staff experience (excerpt):
T-Mobile Austria/tele.ring, GE/Honeywell, Inco/Falconbridge, Microsoft/Time Warner/ContentGuard (JV), E.ON/Ruhrgas, GN ReSound/Phonak, Google/DoubleClick, Oracle/Sun, Google/Yahoo (JV), REWE/Adeg.

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