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E.CA making news in GCR 21

 GCR 21 has once again named E.CA  as one of the leading consultancies in the world of antitrust economics. This is the 10th successive entry of E.CA in this renowned ranking.  In this year’s edition GCR states: “Perhaps the most significant shift in the market came as GCR 100 went to press, when Benelux competition policy and regulation consultancies Lexonomics and E.CA Economics merged, and Lexonomics founder Theon van Dijk became co-director of E.CA’s Brussels office.”

Please see the full article here.

We are currently looking for Economists at entry level position (Master or PhD level) and Research Assistants

For further information and requirements please check our careers page here.

'30 in their 30s' list of Notable Women Competition Professionals

We are proud to announce that our associate principals Linda Gratz and Ela Glowicka are featured on the '30 in their 30s' list of Notable Women Competition Professionals in Economics organized by W@Competition.

More information on this topic to be found at under '30 in their 30s" list.

ACM clears Dutch drugstore wholesale merger

After an in-depth investigation the Dutch competition authority (ACM) has unconditionally cleared the merger between Holland Pharma and FACO, two drugstore wholesalers with a combined market share of over 50%. Lexonomics, now part of E.CA, advised the merging parties and carried out an economic analysis of indirect pricing pressure, i.e. the extent to which non-vertically integrated firms at the wholesale level are disciplined by vertically integrated competitors at the retail level.

New book on EU State Aid Control: Law and Economics

A new book came out today on the topic of EU State Aid Control.

The book, edited by Vincent Verouden (E.CA Economics) and Philipp Werner (Jones Day), summarises the main state aid rules and cases and discusses their economic background and rationale.

It is written by a selection of distinguished experts, including lawyers, economists, academics, and officials. More information about the book can be found here

Lexonomics becomes part of E.CA

Lexonomics, a Brussels- and The Hague-based economics consultancy firm, will be made part of E.CA Economics from 2 November 2016. Since its start in 2005, Lexonomics has provided economic advice covering the full range of competition, regulation and litigation work (including some landmark cases) in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Theon van Dijk, the founder and director of Lexonomics and former Chief Economist at the European Patent Office in Munich, has joined E.CA. Theon worked in senior positions for major international economic consultancies before founding Lexonomics in 2005. Between 2013 and 2015, Theon was the Chief Economist at the European Patent Office in Munich before returning to practice in 2015.

Link to press release (EN/DE/NL)

Presentation at GCR Live 5th Annual Telecoms, Media & Technology

Rainer Nitsche Presented at GCR Live 5th Annual Telecoms, Media & Technology in London on the 5th July 2016. He talked about “Mobile to mobile mergers: New paradigm or market-specific issues?”

More information on the event can be found here.

Presentation at ERA Summer Course on European Competition Law

Rainer Nitsche presented at the ERA Summer Course on European Competition Law in Trier. He talked about “Competition policy and economics; an introduction” & “Defining the relevant market: methodology and challenges”.

More information on the event can be found here.

Freshfields' Global antitrust Group

Hans W. Friederiszick gave a presentation at Freshfields’ Global antitrust Group in Rome discussing various topics, like lingering effects, price wars, and the role of econometrics for quantification.

The Antitrust Enforcement Symposium

Hans W. Friederiszick gave a presentation at the Antitrust Enforcement seminar in Oxford. He presented most recent figures on private litigation activity in Europe, specifically exploring the recent trend towards early settlements (based on joint work with Michael Rauber from E.CA).

View the programme of the Symposium here.