E.CA Economics is involved in some of the most interesting and high-profile matters in the world of economics and business. We welcome opportunities to speak with and assist the media not only in direct connection to our work, but also on topics covered by our broad expertise.

Based on its expertise in the field of competition policy and regulation E.CA actively participates in relevant events. The following list provides an overview of events on competition analysis or related fields hosted and/or organised by ESMT as well as events where members of E.CA are invited speakers:

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Berliner Kartellrechtskreis: Studienvereinigung Kartellrecht, Berlin.
European Parliament: Presentation of ESMT Report on Electricity Wholesale Markets, Brussels.

Prof. Lars-Hendrik Röller

European Commission: Workshop on quantification of antitrust harm, Brussels.
ESMT: Presentation of ESMT Report on Electricity Wholesale Markets, Berlin.

Prof. Lars-Hendrik Röller

Zentrum für Europäische Wirtschaftsforschung: Competition Policy Forum, Mannheim.
26.11.2009 to 27.11.2009
ACE Annual Conference, Berlin, hosted by ESMT.

Hans W. Friederiszick

Download the presentation by ESMT CA.

USW Netzwerk: Mergers & Acquisitions: Bewertung, Integration, Finanzierung, Schloss Gracht, Cologne.
16.11.2009 to 17.11.2009
Global Competition Review: GCR's 2009 Competition Law Review, Brussels.

Rainer Nitsche
Sponsored by E.CA

Swedish Competition Authority: The Pros and Cons, Stockholm.
05.11.2009 to 06.11.2009
BroadGroup: 2nd Dark Fibre International Convention 2009, London.