E.CA Economics is involved in some of the most interesting and high-profile matters in the world of economics and business. We welcome opportunities to speak with and assist the media not only in direct connection to our work, but also on topics covered by our broad expertise.

Based on its expertise in the field of competition policy and regulation E.CA actively participates in relevant events. The following list provides an overview of events on competition analysis or related fields hosted and/or organised by ESMT as well as events where members of E.CA are invited speakers:

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01.06.2012 to 04.06.2012
7th Financial Intermediation Research Society Conference, Minneapolis

Thomas Hildebrand

Thomas Hildebrand is presenting a joint research paper (with Jörg Rocholl, ESMT, and Alexander Schulz, Deutsche Bundesbank) that analyses how banks react to the financial crisis and a deteriorating solvency and liquidity condition in their investment decisions.

View the programme here.

SEEK Workshop on "The Economics of Public Support to the European Car Industry"

Hans W. Friederiszick
Together with Vincent Verouden (EU Kommission) and Johannes Van Biesenbroeck (K.U. Leuven), Hans W. Friederiszick discussed the topic “European Car Industry: are there any Economic Rationales for Public Support?”. The session was chaired by Ivan Hodac from the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association. The workshop was organised by the ZEW Mannheim.

The programme can be downloaded here.

28.03.2012 to 30.03.2012
E.CA Economics represented at this year’s ABA antitrust conference in Washington DC.

E.CA Economics was represented at this year’s ABA antitrust conference in Washington DC.

Visit the ABA website.

Presentation on „Defending cartels in Regulatory Investigations” at IBC legal’s 6th Annual Competition Economics Conference, London

Hans W. Friederiszick
Hans W. Friederiszick discussed approaches to defend cartels in regulatory investigations. He presented jointly with Dr Camesasca from Covington & Burling. Together with Lesley Farrell (SJ Berwin) and Neil Dryden (Compass Lexecon) Mr Friederiszick also contributed to the panel discussion on how to use economics in cartel cases. The panel was moderated by Peter Camesasca.

Download the presentation.

Visit the IBC Legal website.

Lecture on Law & Economics at the Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

Hans W. Friederiszick
Hans W. Friederiszick held a lecture on international competition law for bachelor students at the Copenhagen Business School. At the economics department’s brown bag seminar he also presented and discussed the empirical evidence on pricing in gasoline markets with the faculty.

29.11.2011 to 30.11.2011
Conference on fibre development in telecommunications

Lars Wiethaus gave a talk on telecoms and utilities partnerships in fibre deployment at the 4th Dark Fibre Convention in London.

Download the presentation.

23.11.2011 to 25.11.2011
Seminar on Mergers & Acquisitions at ESMT's Campus Schloss Gracht

Hans W. Friederiszick
E.CA Economics contributed to this two and a half day, German language seminar with an introduction to international competition law enforcement. Cases like the recent Rio Tinto / BHP Joint Venture were presented and lively discussed with seminar participants.

For further information visit the ESMT website.

17.11.2011 to 18.11.2011
ACE Conference 2011

Hans W. Friederiszick, Rainer Nitsche
Hans W. Friederiszick and Rainer Nitsche spoke at the ACE conference 2011 in Bergen, Norway, on 17-18 November.

Download Hans Friederiszick's presentation here.
Download Rainer Nitsche's presentation here.

Presentation on Information Exchange in Munich

Hans W. Friederiszick
Hans W. Friederiszick holds a presentation on the law and economics of information exchange at the Studienvereinigung Kartellrecht in Munich.
Download the (German)presentation.

Panel discussion at the annual conference of the German Competition Authority

Hans W. Friederiszick
Hans W. Friederiszick is invited as expert to discuss the results of the sector inquiry into the German gasoline markets, carried out by the German Competition Authority.

Download the press release and the presentation.