E.CA Economics is involved in some of the most interesting and high-profile matters in the world of economics and business. We welcome opportunities to speak with and assist the media not only in direct connection to our work, but also on topics covered by our broad expertise.

Based on its expertise in the field of competition policy and regulation E.CA actively participates in relevant events. The following list provides an overview of events on competition analysis or related fields hosted and/or organised by ESMT as well as events where members of E.CA are invited speakers:

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08.03.2013 to 09.03.2013
Seminar with German judges on damages quantification

In a two day seminar organized by Prof. Andreas Reindl and sponsored by the EU Commission,  Hans W. Friederiszick discussed methods for damages calculation. The seminar took place at the Leuphana University, Lüneburg.

View the programme here.

Panel discussion on LIBOR/ EURIBOR Litigation in Frankfurt at the 5th Annual Conference on Global Investor Protection

Hans W. Friederiszick

Together with Lianne Craig from Hausfeld LLP Hans W Friederiszick is contributing to a panel discussion on litigation related to the LIBOR/EURIBOR manipulation matter. The panel will be moderated by Alexander Reus, Managing Partner of DRRT. More than 100 participants from leading European and non-European institutional investors are expected at the 5th Annual Conference on Global Investor Protection in Frankfurt, Germany.

25.10.2012 to 26.10.2012
10th ACE Annual conference, Paris

Hans W. Friederiszick
Hans W. Friederiszick presented on the economics to detect collusion. His presentation describes different methods for cartel detection and puts the identification of a competitive benchmark at the centre of a suitable economic methodology.

24.10.2012 to 26.10.2012
Seminar on Mergers & Acquisitions at ESMT's Campus Schloss Gracht

Hans W. Friederiszick
E.CA Economics contributed to this two and a half day, German language seminar with an introduction to international competition law enforcement.Cases like the recent Google cases (abuse of dominant position) and the German cement cartel case were presented and there was a lively discussion with seminar participants. For further information visit the ESMT website.

24.10.2012 to 25.10.2012
OECD Roundtable on the role of the efficiency claims in antitrust proceedings, Paris

Hans W. Friederiszick
Hans W. Friederiszick presented on efficiency defences in abuse cases at this multi-national meeting. He discussed the actual relevance of efficiency considerations in the EC practice and contrasted this with a business view, focusing on low price strategies. Based on a survey among EMBA students he finds that low and very low price strategies are frequently used in business practice. The motives are diverse, though , often procompetittive and used in line with antitrust compliance. Given the current enforcement priority of the EU commission, focusing on cases for which efficiency defences are more common, a reconciliation of the two positions is urgently needed, he argued.

Studienvereinigung Kartellrecht - regional meeting in Berlin

Rainer Nitsche
Rainer Nitsche presented on the envisaged eighth revision of the German Competition Act (8te GWB Novelle). In his discussion, he focused on the impact of moving from a test for dominance to a test for a substantial lessening of competition - a change that was implemented in the European Merger Regulation already in 2004.

Keynote address by Kai-Uwe Kühn at E.CA’s Expert Forum in Brussels

To celebrate the opening of the new office in Brussels, E.CA is organising an Expert Forum on Pricing Strategies and Competition Law & Economics in Brussels jointly with ESMT. After a keynote speech by Kai-Uwe Kühn, Chief Economist, a high-level panel of policy stakeholders and economists will discuss questions on pro- and anti-competitive price strategies, the relevance of margin squeeze provisions and the need of excessive pricing cases.
More information on the event here.

Interdisciplinary Center for Competition Law and Policy (ICC) and Crowell & Moring LLP Annual Conference 2012

Rainer Nitsche

Rainer Nitsche spoke at the Interdisciplinary Centre for Competition Law and Policy (ICC) and Crowell & Moring LLP Annual Conference 2012.
He discussed the "Efficiencies as a Meaningful Defence on Merger Control".

Download the presentation here.
View the programme here.

Bates White 9th Annual Antitrust Conference

Thomas Hildebrand, Rainer Nitsche
Rainer Nitsche spoke at the Bates White 9th Annual Antitrust Conference in Washington, DC. He presented a case study on "Bargaining Power in Merger Proceedings" during the academic session of the conference.

View the conference programme here.

06.06.2012 to 08.06.2012
10th Experts' Forum on New Developments in European State Aid Law

Hans W. Friederiszick
Hans W. Friederiszick presented at the 10th Experts’ Forum on New Developments in European State Aid Law. Together with Kai-Uwe Kühn, Chief Economist at DG Competition, and Fiona Wishlade from the European Policy Research Centre of the University of Strathclyde he discussed “The Overhaul of the Regional Aid Guidelines and the Implementation of Economic Analysis”. The session was chaired by Rose D’SA, Member of the European Economic and Social Committee.

Download the presentation.
View the programmehere.