E.CA Economics is involved in some of the most interesting and high-profile matters in the world of economics and business. We welcome opportunities to speak with and assist the media not only in direct connection to our work, but also on topics covered by our broad expertise.

Based on its expertise in the field of competition policy and regulation E.CA actively participates in relevant events. The following list provides an overview of events on competition analysis or related fields hosted and/or organised by ESMT as well as events where members of E.CA are invited speakers:

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Presentation on recent trends in private damages litigation

Hans W. Friederiszick gave a presentation at the Antitrust Enforcement seminar in Oxford. He presented most recent figures on private litigation activity in Europe, specifically exploring the recent trend towards early settlements (based on joint work with Michael Rauber from E.CA).

Berliner Gesprächskreis/UKSALA Roundtable

Vincent Verouden presented at the conference “Latest Developments in State Aid Law as they affect the United Kingdom and Germany” organized by the UK State Aid Law Association (UKSALA) and the Berlin Round Table on EU State Aid Law. He talked about the application of economic analysis in state aid control, both in the design of the rules and in individual cases.

His presentation can be found here.

Presentation on rebates at the "New Frontiers of Antitrust“ conference in Paris

Hans W. Friederiszick discussed together with Andreas Mundt, Trevor Soames and Nicolas Petit recent developments regarding enforcement practice on rebates in Europe. Hans presentation (jointly produced with Linda Gratz from E.CA) specifically explored the merits of the As Efficient Competitor Test.

His presentation can be found here.

E.CA Competition Law & Economics Expert Forum

4th E.CA Competition Law & Economics Expert Forum

15 April in Berlin organized together with ESMT

This conference offers insights into recent developments in competition law and economics, from both a German and a European perspective. The sessions will address practitioners, enforcers and academics from the legal and economic fields. This year, the Expert Forum focuses on the ex-post evaluation of competition enforcement, private litigation, the interaction between competition policy and innovation, and Internet economics.

More information on the event here.

E.CA Expert Forum on Digital Dominance

3rd E.CA Competition Law and Economics Expert Forum

8 May 2015 in Brussels

This half day conference on Digital Dominance focused on “How to deal with Internet giants”. It offered an overview of and insight into recent developments in competition law and economics in the digital economy. The focus was on the emerging market power of large
Internet-based platforms in media, search and online distribution, and on the competition policy issues this raised.

More information on the event here.

Mobile telephony mergers: Telefonica/E-plus

Rainer Nitsche presented at the 12th ACE Annual Conference in Mannheim on 5th December 2014.

His presentation can be viewed here.

The Antitrust Enforcement Symposium

Hans W. Friederiszick presented at the Antitrust Enforcement Symposium, in Oxford on 28-29 June 2014.

His presentation can be found here.

Presentation at the Hal White Antitrust conference

Rainer Nitsche presented at the annual Hal White Antitrust Conference, hosted by E.CA’s U.S. partner firm Bates White, in Washington, DC. He talked about the recent telecoms consolidation process in Europe, covering transactions such as Telefónica/E-Plus in Germany and HG3/O2 Ireland. He addressed the use and limitations of quantitative tools both for assessing competitive effects and efficiencies.

Presentation on upward pricing pressure techniques

Lars Wiethaus presented at the IBC Legal - Competition Economics 2014 on upward pricing pressure techniques and recent applications in merger enforcement.

Download the presentation

2nd E.CA Competition Law and Economics Expert Forum

Please click the link below to visit the conference page.

Expert Forum 2014.